Lilly the Puppy

I was at my wits end. My puppy Lilly was almost a year old; not housebroken and destructive. She chewed all the furniture, wood and fabric, and even bit my brother. I wasn’t new to dog ownership and I tried everything including multiple trainers etc. Nothing worked!

I called Karen, willing to try anything, and had amazing results. One phone call turned things around fast. I found out Lilly was from a puppy mill. She was very sensitive and afraid. Karen communicated what I expected from her. She also told her biting not acceptable. My feelings also changed! I went from being angry and frustrated to loving and understanding.

Lilly is now housebroken and has stopped destroying the furniture. She hasn’t bitten anyone and has full run of my house. I am so happy and grateful that I made that call. I was about to give up and it would have broken my heart but animal communication fixed everything. I can’t thank Karen enough! Anne Hartnett, Lilly’s Owner