Positive New Beginnings

Would you like to learn Animal Communication?


New location: at 877 Broadway in E. Providence,R.I.




$55.00 or if you bring a friend it is only $50.00 each

Additional Details:

Would you like to know what your animal thinks, needs or enjoys? Bring pictures of your animals, living and in spirit. Come with an open heart,mind and spirit. You will be learning Beginning Animal Communication, with a portion of the proceeds to benefit Gracie’s Mission, established to educate pet owners of holistic medical treatments and to provide financial assistance to those of limited income who meet the guidelines set forth by the mission. You may register by email or email me at [email protected], call me at 508-672-6710, or call Positive New Beginnings at 401-432-7195 for more information. I hope to see you there and your animals do too!

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