Meeting of the minds at psychic fair

Author: Bryan Rourke
Publication Date: June 11, 2012

EAST PROVIDENCE – On Sunday, for the first time in her life, Cheryl Dextradeur checked her vibrational life records.

“I did it on a fluke,” Dextradeur said.

The Cumberland woman attended a psychic fair.

The First Spiritualist Church of Rhode Island, which believes in many things psychic, celebrated its first anniversary. The Rev. Susan Bergheimer, the church’s founder, invited all kinds of supernatural practitioners, of which she’s one.

“I like to say I’m a medium,” Bergheimer said. “But I know I’m an extra-large.”

The two-day event drew readers of angel cards, tarot cards, tea leaves and candle wax, among other mediums through which, psychics say, spirits communicate with us.

“It’s almost like we have a team on our side we can turn to,” Bergheimer said. “We may feel something, but we have angels and guides that can confirm what we know.”

Karen DiIorio, of Warwick, attended the fair. She said she grew up in a family receptive to the psychic world. The supernatural, she said, is natural.

“But society says it’s not normal,” DiIorio said.

Consider animal communication. Karen Daly, of Somerset, who said she’s been communicating with animals since she was a child, considers it normal.

“I’m an antenna for what information comes,” Daly said.

The information from animals, Daly said, can come in English; or it can come in the form of feelings.

“They’re like people,” Daly said. “Some animals are funny. Some are serious.”

Patrick Moise, of Cranston, was seriously skeptical until he attended his first psychic event a few years ago.

“You experience something that speaks to you,” he said. “It takes you in another direction.”

Here’s another psychic direction: aura photography. It uses electric sensors on a person’s hands while a photo is taken of them showing their exuded cloud of energy.

“It is more science than psychic,” said Bennu Allen Anpial, of Marion, Mass., who calls herself “the ‘auric’ muse.” “But there is an intuitive component to the readings.”

Most psychic providers talked about being born with their psychic gift. But Matthew Fraser, of Boston, and formerly of Cranston, gave a talk about developing a gift: intuition.

“It’s a feeling,” he said. “You can feel your loved one is around you. It’s the start of your spirit journey.”

Fraser, 20, said his job as a medium is to “help people move on with their grief.” He said he’s a third-generation psychic. His mother, Angela Fraser, of Boston, also attended the fair, giving psychic readings from tarot cards, but also from tea leaves and candle wax.

Essentially, she looks at shapes within leaves and wax, interpreting them like Rorschach tests.

“They’re just symbols to me,” she said. “But they mean something to the people I’m with.”

Dorice Meau, of East Wareham, Mass., attended the fair as a reader of akashic records, which she said are “vibrational recordings of everybody’s lives. With the permission of a person, I can go into their records.”

The records can be future, present, past and distant past.

“If you believe in past lives,” Meau said, “it’s all of them.”

Dextradeur was familiar with akashic records, having previously bought a book on the topic, which she said she hasn’t read yet. That’s why she said it was on “a fluke” that she gave it a go at the fair, and gave Meau permission to access her psychic life records.

“There were a lot of things that made sense to me because of the path I’m on,” Dextradeur said. “It was validating, for me anyway.”


Animal communicator Karen Daley helps pets speak to their owners

SOMERSET – “What he’s showing me is that he’s been fresh: he’s been nipping at the cats. He doesn’t like them,” said animal communicator Karen Daley to the owner of an unruly Parsons Russell terrier. “I’m telling him this isn’t correct behavior and how lucky he is that you took him in.”

Duncan, the spry subject of the session looks up at Daley and blinks.

A nurse for more than 25 years, reiki master and self-described medium and animal communicator, Daley said she had psychic abilities as a child, but had put them aside and only revisited them years later as an adult. “I knew what animals were thinking and I always knew who it was going to be when the phone rang,” she said. “As an animal lover, I always wanted to give them a voice.”

Ten years ago she took an animal communication class at Women of Wisdom in Easton and started the training that eventually led her to help others, like Donna Masson by communicating with their animals. For the past seven years she said she’s also been practicing spirit communication: communicating with animals and humans that she described as having passed on to spirit form.

Though she prefers to conduct animal communication sessions by phone, speaking with the owners and communicating telepathically with the animal in a way that she said is less distracting, the face-to-face session with Masson and her dog began in same way she begins her phone sessions. “I pray for a few minutes and ask my guides to help me communicate with the animal for the highest and best to help bring healing,” she said. “I introduce myself and tell them I’m a friend of their mom or dad and that they asked me to communicate with them.”

Like many new pet owners, Masson is wondering if the Parson Russell terrier she’s had about four months now is ever going to settle down, stop trying to bite her two cats and comfortably acclimate himself to her home.

So far there’s problems: In addition to trying to bite the cats, he’s also snapped at Masson. And when she puts him into the crate at night, he goes crazy barking because the cats have the run of the house.

Daley listens and closes her eyes as she says, “I’m sending a picture of both of you in a chair together and I’m telling him you used to be the boss, but you’re not now. He’s the last one in the home and there were animals there before him. He will not be allowed to be bossy,” she tells Duncan and his owner.

Over the course of the session Masson discusses the dog’s background. A prize-winning show dog from Canada, the Parson’s Russell terrier was passed around to a few different locations before Masson adopted him. She also said she doesn’t think the previous owner was entirely honest about the dog’s situation.

Throughout the meeting Daley listens to Masson and pauses to send images to the dog of a loving and happy home in which Masson is in charge. She also conveys images the dog sends to her: “macho,” “a king in his chair,” “afraid of being sent away,” “a big dog in a small body.”

After what appears to a quiet, meditative-like conversation with Duncan, Daley tells the owner, “He’s saying he scared and fearful when he’s not in control. That’s why he lashes out at you and the cats. Now I’m showing him that’s unacceptable. That you are going to be the alpha mare,” she said referring to the term to describe a dominant horse.

As the face-to-face animal communication session nears close to 60 minutes, Masson appears to have a better insight into some of the dog’s issues that have been driving his bad behavior and she seems to be a bit more determined to make it work. “Sophie didn’t bring me this dog to have it fail,” she said referring to a beloved dog that passed away. “I looked for a dog for a long time before I found him. I believe he came to me for a reason.”

Like many times through the course of the session Daley tells the owner about the affirmative images she’s sending to the dog. “I’m going to show him that change is good. I’m sending an image of you sitting down at night holding him and petting him and telling him that’s how it will be all the time as you learn to get along,” she said, adding with a slight laugh, “he said he wants more treats.”

And to Masson, she said, “Act as if it’s already done – you can do this.”

Most owners, Daley said, come to her with specific questions about their animal or to address problems such as the ones Masson was facing with her dog. When a client contacts her she said she tells the client to think about specific questions they’d like to have answered so they can make the most use of the sessions, which she offers in 20, 30, 40 and 60 minute segments.

Though she communicates with animals directly, she said she often hears from the animal’s higher self, which will give her the straight answer. “If you ask a dog if he’s getting enough food the answer will be no. But the higher self is there to guide the dog, and will give me the truth,” she said.

And happily, after the meeting with Masson and Duncan several weeks ago, she said Masson sent her e-mail saying they were doing well. “She said she has a lot of rocking chairs in her condo and she curls up with him with a blanket. I think she just needed to stand her power and not let him walk all over her,” said Daley.


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